Life-changing Telugu movies in 2020

Over the last decade, the Telugu film industry has become the most commercial film industry. Difficult stunts, action set pieces, excellent performances of heroes shown in Telugu movies look so grand and glassy. Telugu movies many known for the humour and action shown, but some of the rate Telugu filmmakers break the stereotype and come I had with some very inspiring and motivational content. Various Telugu movies are capable of inspiring the youth as well as people of all ages.

In India, various regional languages movies are produced, and among them, the Telugu film industry gains the most popularity. These movies can be watched on Aha, an OTT platform. Telugu movies are filled with various necessary elements like music, action, drama, glamour to make them more entertaining and appealing for the audience, which is the main reason behind the craziness in people to watch Telugu movies

In Telugu movie industry we found different kinds of the movie from comedy to thriller to action to drama and many more, among them there are such movies which shows the real struggle of life and audience can connect them and learn to how to face a difficult situation in life and never give up whatever the situation is.

Mail is the latest comedy Telugu movie on the Aha app. The story revolves around the 2000s when people residing in small villages getting to know about computers. Hybath, whose role is played by Priyadarshi is a small-time photographer in the movie who first time brings the computer to his village, and the youth get attracted towards it. Among all the youngsters, Ravi, whose role is played by Harshit Reddy, is most curious about the computer, and he created a fake email ID on that computer and won rupees 2 crores as a lottery. The whole story is about how Ravi’s life changes after he created this fake email.

This movie is a decent drama with a good performance made by the characters that make the storyline enjoyable. This movie also tries to show the reality happening in current society. The main Assets of this movie are the innocents of youth showcased, benefiting climax and situational comedy. Mail is the perfect movie that can easily be enjoyed with your family and friends when you want to relieve your stress and put a smile on your face by laughing out very loud.

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